I believe in creating the bond between your brand and your audience.



Developing brand activations which increase the reach and potential of your brand, creating the physical bond and long term memory which helps you achieve your brand goals. Results are what drive our business and yours so that is my focus.

I see the potential your brand and connect it to the activation, bring it to life.



Connecting the correct personalities and skill set to your brand creating experiential activations for your audience that will evoke emotion and long lasting memory.

I'm out and about, living and breathing the activations every day.


Event Manager

I see both sides of the page and link concepts and ideas to the reality, hitting targets and driving the activations from a central point. I ensure we deliver results and making sure quality standards are met.

I link the digital to the experiential.


Digital Marketing Strategist

Creating live content which extends the reach of each activation beyond the face to face activity. Pushing the activations across all media platforms and ensuring that all elements link and add value beyond that first face to face encounter.

I keep the show on the road.


Office Assistant

Dotting the I's and crossing the T's is my area of expertise and I keep your goals in sight all the way down the line, making sure we deliver and hit goals every time.