Coca-Cola introduce Mini-Kiosks

Added: 22nd May 2014

Always looking to create exciting experiential experiences and get creative with their promotions, Coca-Cola recently took to 5 major cities in Germany to promote their new mini-coke cans, and they did so in a very unique fashion...

"It’s the little things in life that make us happy" was the motto plastered on mini-kiosks and mini-vending machines introduced by Coca-Cola in 5 major cities of Germany this month.  With the same specifactions as usual street stands but shrunk down to a mini-size, the Coca-Cola kiosks were fully functional and were even manned by an employee who could be caught reading a newspaper in between talking to customers and passers by, as well as selling them the iconic soft drink.

As expected, the mini-kiosks were a viral hit online and a brilliantly quirky addition to the streets.  Members of the public stopped by to not only purchase the well loved beverage in mini-can form, but also to take photos and take to social media to talk about what they'd seen, creating a powerful and important link penetrating both the physical and online worlds.

While this proved to be an excellent method to promote the brand and get people talking, the mini-kiosks were also great for sales and, according to Ogilvy & Mather Berlin, the agency working with Coca-Cola on this campaign, they sold on average 380 mini Coke cans per day which is 278 percent more than a typical Coca-Cola vending machine. 

This is just another one of many experiential campaigns used by Coca-Cola to keep their brand at the top of the pile.  It demonstrates once again the creativity and energy required to carry out such a feat and the importance of linking online and face to face event marketing to promote a brand successfully.

You can watch the video for the Coca-Cola mini-kiosks here:

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