So You Think You Can Drive?

Added: 13th November 2014

Road Respect hits Newcastle Eldon Garden with ‘the So You Think You Can Drive’ pop up shop. The shop will run for 3 weeks in conjunction with the 25 year celebration of the centre opening. The fitted pop up shop contains a lad’s verses lasses driving simulator, online buzz feed quizzes and is supported by both the Newcastle and Gateshead Road Safety teams.

The shop links into the campaigns digital output via a live twitter wall which allows us to show social engagement in real time.

“We feel it’s important to link the digital aspect to the physical activation and the live tweet wall does just that, our aim is always to inform and affect behaviour changes through engaging, thought provoking ways.  Experiential activations do this better than any other way by creating that desire to engage and share the messaging for what is in essence quite a dry and sober subject” 

says director Danae Abadom

The pop up shop supported with a #soyouthinkyoucandrive lasses verse Lasses buzz quiz which links the shop and a “which type of driver are you?” photo opportunity at the end. It is key to experiential activations that the reach goes beyond the physical and extends to the digital output creating content and driving the message across all platforms. This embeds the campaign messaging, increases the social reach of the live activations beyond those who are able to engage with the shop.

‘Eldon Garden are thrilled to be able to host the Road Respect pop up shop in our centre for the first time. It’s such good fun for drivers whilst getting a very serious message across, especially at this time of year.  We hope it will make drivers in our region more aware as many of our customers drive to Eldon Garden and we hope this will ensure visitors to our centre get to and from Eldon Garden safely. We encourage all of our customers to come and take up the challenge!’

Rachel Mallaburn – Centre Management Assistant Eldon Gardens

The value of pop up shops not only allows the campaign to reach the wider physical audience but also enables us to create social engagement through on-line participation. Supported by the campaign other digital output which can been see at it creates a 360 approach to social marketing.

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