IE Are The Pick Of The Litter With Beach Clean

Added: 21st October 2016

So we were sitting thinking one afternoon as a business; how much “stuff” do we push out into the world every year? I would dread to think about how many tons of leaflets and kilos of plastic that our business alone is responsible for in terms of giveaways, promotional vouchers and all the other wonderful gifts our clients bestow upon their potential customers.  Now although what we are pushing out into the world are of course high quality, sensory inspiring and loyalty driven promotion items, it is still unsolicited “stuff” and takes nature’s resources to produce.

As a team we thought what can we do to balance that and reduce our “stuff” footprint? Also given that one of our offices in blessed to be in a beautiful part of world with a marvellous coastline we thought why not do a litter pick!

We got in touch with the very helpful North Tyneside Council and last Saturday morning we had the first IE litter pick at Longsands Beach. The council kindly supplied the equipment and 5 of the office team set off across the beach. Enjoying the autumnal crisp morning air and knuckling down to the job at hand, we cleaned the beach of washed up and dropped “stuff”,  spotting Marathon bars wrappers from the late 80s, several forgotten pairs of knickknacks and many, many plastic bottles. We covered 5 kilometres, collected 9 black bags and were shown a lot of love by other beach users and dog walkers.  

Now this may only be a small dint to re-dress the balance but it was a start, and something we are now going to do every 6 months, as we look to build in more community involvement into our working life here at IE. 

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