Why physical experiential experiences are breaking through the screen

Added: 26th November 2015

As the marketing world stampedes the digital playground to deliver direct engagement, it’s worth remembering the importance of face-to-face communication and the real memories this creates.  As life is lived increasingly through a screen, it becomes paramount that a physical link between brands is created and the consumer is not forgotten.

Ask yourself this; how many online Twitter campaigns do you remember?  How many of your daily interactions with brands ensure your brand loyalty?  These interactions are important as they give direct access to people’s news feeds, likes and interests, but to what extent do they create real tangible connections and brand memory?

The data and access they create is massive but what they do lack is that emotional bond that a positive live experience creates.  This makes it easy to understand that while digital marketing continues its rise to the top, so does experiential marketing. The two not only work together perfectly, increasing the amplification and reach of a campaign, but experiential also gets to the places digital cannot; the hands, mouths and touch of the consumer.

When so much of life is a touch screen experience it’s important to value the impact of the face-to-face experience with the consumer.  Online retailers are becoming increasingly aware of this, understanding that they need to live outside the screen, not online alone, advertising on the traditional billboards and TV but taking to streets, festivals and anywhere they can bring their brand to life in a physical way.  This can be seen with the highly talked about Airbnb Floating House or the many boohoo.com activations we have been involved with. These brands understand that they may live virtually, but they must also think physically to create that deeper level of engagement with their consumers. They’re breaking through the screen to ensure their brand has a living, breathing face with the public.  So as physical brands retreat to the screen they must not live the physical behind. 

We believe the best experiential not only rewards the consumer with a experience worthy of remembering, sharing or talking about, but creates true amplification that exists in both the virtual and physical worlds, an element which is key in 360 marketing.

Three key things at the core of our experiential 360 campaign design:

  1. Reward: Create a face-to-face activation that creates a positive interaction, memory, and experience, which rewards the consumer for engaging with the brand.
  2. Amplify: How it can be amplified by creating content, using supporting videos, hashtags, direct brand ambassador social engagement, user generated engagement, supporting digital output.
  3. Measure: How the whole picture of the effectiveness is measured; sales, social media reach, brand impact.

Experiential shouldn’t be viewed as the add-on in the marketing mix but more as the physical face of a brand which can commutate directly with the consumer to create a real touchable link.

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