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Get Eggsperiential This Easter!

Rabbit Boy

Added: 1st February 2016

Ok so you might have just made it through Dry january but give it two shakes of a chick’s tail and Easter will be upon us.  Easter remains the second biggest retail event after Christmas.... View Details

Oculus Rift and Behavioural Change Marketing with Road Respect

road respect 1

Added: 2nd November 2015

Road safety is not the most thrilling subject matter or one that instantly springs to mind when you think of experiential marketing, but we view it differently here at IE, we see it as the perfect .... View Details

What Makes Today's Brand Ambassador

Boohoo brand ambassadors Manchester

Added: 17th June 2015

Brand ambassadors have come a long way from a pretty girl draped across the bonnet of a car or a friendly face in a supermarket aisle.  Today’s brand ambassadors are the living face of t.... View Details

Choose Happiness with (Coca-Cola Experiential Activation)

Coca-Cola Choose Happiness Blog

Added: 4th June 2015

Coca-Cola have once again provided a marketing campaign that combines experiential and digital elements to create an all encompassing strategy with a huge overall reach.   The Choose Happ.... View Details

Top Brands Go Experiential For The Holidays

Kleenex Valentines Experiential Campaign

Added: 19th February 2015

Holidays can be a brilliant opportunity to unleash a well thought out and clearly targeted experiential campaign to really take advantage of a shared interest that gets everybody talking.  Thi.... View Details