Experiential Marketing

Are you putting experiential at your centre? If not why!

Added: 2nd November 2016

If your agency or brand isn’t putting experiential at it’s centre then its time to ask why? Before your left in the marketing past!


So yet another Institute o.... View Details

What Has Experiential Marketing Got To Do With Road Safety

Experiential Marketing & Road Safety

Added: 18th April 2016

I see a lot of road safety campaigns going down very similar lines and while they have been effective over the years, in todays millennial media world do these traditional methods still work with a.... View Details

#NAW2016 Harvey my life as a apprentice

Added: 18th March 2016

It’s national apprentice week; you may have seen the hash tag NAW2016 trending on Twitter.

 #NAW2016 represents a section of young people who do there learning in a work place .... View Details

How VR Can Create More Than Instant Effect In Experiential Marketing

Virtual Reality with Road Respect

Added: 1st March 2016

Virtual Reality (VR) is a great immersive engagement tool as it directly transports the consumer into the brands world. The moment the headset is placed over the eyes the user is consumed by it and.... View Details

Get Eggsperiential This Easter!

Rabbit Boy

Added: 1st February 2016

Ok so you might have just made it through Dry january but give it two shakes of a chick’s tail and Easter will be upon us.  Easter remains the second biggest retail event after Christmas.... View Details

Why physical experiential experiences are breaking through the screen

Added: 26th November 2015

As the marketing world stampedes the digital playground to deliver direct engagement, it’s worth remembering the importance of face-to-face communication and the real memories this creates.&n.... View Details

Oculus Rift and Behavioural Change Marketing with Road Respect

road respect 1

Added: 2nd November 2015

Road safety is not the most thrilling subject matter or one that instantly springs to mind when you think of experiential marketing, but we view it differently here at IE, we see it as the perfect .... View Details

Why experiential marketing is stronger than ever before

Topshop Playland Activation

Added: 30th June 2015

At one time or another experiential marketing campaigns have been considered a fleeting fad. Recently however it has edged it’s way into the spotlight of a brand’s marketing communicati.... View Details

Why we love the Topshop Playland activation

Added: 4th June 2015

Last weekend the flagship Topshop on Oxford Street in London was turned into a giant playland of retail fun and we loved it, not only because it was both playful and fun but because of the way it s.... View Details

Choose Happiness with (Coca-Cola Experiential Activation)

Coca-Cola Choose Happiness Blog

Added: 4th June 2015

Coca-Cola have once again provided a marketing campaign that combines experiential and digital elements to create an all encompassing strategy with a huge overall reach.   The Choose Happ.... View Details

Experiential On The Rise

Added: 8th April 2015

Marketing experts Pearlfinders have recently revealed that an increasingly high number of companies are boosting their use of experiential activation techniques within their marketing campaigns. Th.... View Details

Road Safety with Oculus Rift & Toyota

Added: 27th March 2015

As the top grossing companies allocate more time and money in to developing experiential marketing campaigns and activations, new technologies are playing an ever increasingly significant role with.... View Details


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