#NAW2016 Harvey my life as a apprentice

Added: 18th March 2016

It’s national apprentice week; you may have seen the hash tag NAW2016 trending on Twitter.

 #NAW2016 represents a section of young people who do there learning in a work place environment; I personally fall into this category as an apprentice at the Experiential Marketing Agency Independent Events. I started working at Independent Events on the 5th of January this year after spending 3 month at Newcastle sixth form centre and realising it wasn’t for me. I felt like it was time to take a chance and look for an alternative that suited me. After speaking to the careers advisor at Newcastle sixth form we spent 3 days working on my CV, interview techniques and talking about what would be best for me. We decided that an apprenticeship was best for me when I came across Independent Events on the Gov.co.uk website in the apprenticeship section, I applied immediately and received information that I was invited to come to an interview.

As soon as I had the interview I knew Independent Events was right for me and I eagerly waited for the call which would determine my next step in life, when I was informed that I was welcome to become a member of the team I was delighted.

As I expected my apprenticeship at Independent Events has been fantastic as I am learning a lot about the world of business which is helping some of my own plans flourish. One of the many things I love about my placement is the diversity in my job role; I can go from making a cup of tea to franticly searching the depths of the Staff Database for somebody who’s free to work an activation in Peterhead with less than 24 hours notice. The sense of satisfaction when you manage to get what seems impossible to be possible is brilliant. One thing I believe all successful businesses must have is a sense of community and care within the four walls of an office or whatever environment you are in and this most definitely the case at Independent Events. When things are hard we all rally together and try and find a solution as a team.

One thing which is as new as me is the Staff Connect Database a new system to assist in the everyday life of Independent Events and to get the full potential out of this system, now on a daily basis I book all jobs out that are to be booked, file all reports and log all invoices on the system. Learning the system has really helped me settle into my role as a staff coordinator.

As an apprentice I have my day to day tasks such as washing the dishes, postal collection, answering the telephone and of course making cups of tea however these tasks are important as they are mine and I feel a sense of responsibility which hopefully allow me to prove I am capable of making my own decisions and that I can stand on my own two feet.

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to anybody who is considering one as you will get to meet some brilliant people at an earlier age than normal increasing your network massively that will help guide you to success and allow you to follow your dreams.

Happy National Apprentice week from Harvey Crowder.      

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