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Added: 8th December 2011

What they asked for:

10 of the highest quality promotional staff members with local area knowledge for a total of 60 staffing days, distributing leaflets at a huge 3 day exhibition taking place at the new Glow centre located near Bluewater Shopping Centre in Essex.

What we did:

Provided a brilliant promotional team who began their work at a pre-event the week before the exhibition.  The pre-event acted as a trigger to explain what was going on throughout the live days and encourage traffic to the website in the form of pre-purchased ticket sales, wherever possible. 

With popularity and interest of the event growing we were asked to expand upon the promotional team already in position with an increase from 5 to a 10 promotional staff all out in the field encouraging as many people as possible to attend the show which we were able to provide. This increased manpower companied with the huge demand for entry to the show meant that the staff were working a dual role, assisting with the ticket sales inside the venue and playing hosts and human signage, directing the attendees to the main exhibition area.


In total there were over 200,000 leaflets distributed by the end of the activity, with ticket sales to the exhibition also increasing.  The client was really pleased, with the turnout generated indicating a definite increase in ticket sales due to the promotional teams activity both prior to and on the event dates. 

- The Home Show

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