Italian Week Dalton Park

Dalton Park Italian Week

Added: 31st October 2016

What They Asked For An Italian themed experiential event aimed at shoppers of Dalton Park to promote their Phase Two Development and the opening of Pizza Express at the c

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Shopping Centre Christmas Lights Turn On

Dalton Park Glow Show Christmas Lights Turn On

Added: 4th November 2014

What They Asked For: A unique and memorable Christmas Lights turn on experience. What We Did: Created a bespoke and immersive show wi

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Shopping Centre Angels

Shopping Angels at Dalton Park

Added: 19th December 2015

What They Asked For A Christmas activation to encoura

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Dalton Park Christmas Experiential Event

A Gift For You Xmas Lights Turn On

Added: 21st December 2014

What they asked for: An exciting and entertaining experiential family event to celebrate the 2013 Christmas Lights turn on. What we did:

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Rio Breakdancers

Dalton Park Rio Carnival

Added: 4th October 2013

What They Asked For: A unique and fun family day to take place at the shopping centre as part of their week long 10th birthday celebration. What we did

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