Road Respect Augmented Reality Campaign

Added: 2nd July 2014

What they asked for:

A set of creative and experiential activations to promote and run alongside the Road Respect #IdiotIsAChoice campaign, promoting road safety awareness using the newest technologies available.

What we did:

Independent Events adopted the increasingly popular popup shop movement, filling previously empty stores with brand ambassadors, event managers, driving simulators, smart devices, tablets and a range of road safety statistic graphics for the public to interact with.  Each store had a large augmented reality window graphic at the entrance which featured a range of alcoholic beverages disguised as automotive products, making the shop look like an auto-repair shop to the untrained eye.  It was here where visitors were encouraged by the brand ambassadors to download the specially made, free, Road Respect App to their smart phone or tablet which also allowed them access to the augmented reality experience.

To enable the augmented reality window the visitor would be advised to face their device towards it with the app turned on.  After waiting a short while, visitors could hear and see a drunk-driver driven car smashing through the storefront window in front of them, with shards of glass being left scattered across the floor around their feet.

Brand ambassadors were at hand to help people understand the augmented reality experience and to give instructions on how to use the app to its full potential, they were also available to hand out free giveaways, give out information and introduce people to competitions being run by Road Respect such as The Young Driver Of The Year, the regular monthly competitions and the driver of the day competition which runs at each event on the Road Respect calendar.


Roadshow results from 30 days live activation

  • 70% Increase in footfall from the events replaced
  • AR window experience 28% increase on target figure
  • Monthly competition entries showed a 32% increase
  • Drink driving simulator use up 42% on target
  • Footfall up 50% on target
  • App downloads 8% up on target

During the initial tour over 8260 AR window experiences were activated with campaign footfall over 10550 making it the best attended roadshow in the campaigns 7 year history. The ROI on the total campaign footfall was 42.2% and the AR window experience stood at 29.6%.

The extended life of the campaign was supported by the intu Metrocentre by keeping the window in place for an additional five months, during which time the experience was active an extra 500 times with 120 new downloads

The Trinity Square Shopping Centre Window was kept in place for an additional 10 weeks resulting in extra 300 activations and 46 app downloads.

The supporting video has had over 1600 views on Vimeo (

PR value of the coverage was 25k after the shop was covered on full page 3 of The Jouneral and the Sunderland Echo along with several online news outlets such as Sky Tyne and Wear and reviewed by Creative Guerrilla Marketing. This supported the rise in campaign profile across the region and helped to support online elements with a post your image competition built into the app this also had the event details of the Young Driver of the Year Competition held in autumn during the college tour. The college tour added an additional 3500 AR experience activations and 750 app downloads. This lead to an increase of on the year end outputs.

  • 2012-13, footfall: 13,651. 2013-14: 17,765 increase of 30.1%.
  • 2012-13, driving simulator: 3225 2013-14: 3900 increase of 20.9%.
  • 2012-13, competition entries: 6005. Rising to 6201 in 2013-14. increase of 3.3%

The experience is still activated around 5-7 times per week with no active campaign support.

"The AR experience for Road Respect, helped the campaign continue to push boundaries.  It was innovative, fresh and most importantly it made impact.  Road Respect has prided itself on innovation in Road Safety, so it’s always a challenge, but this was achieved with the augmented reality experience.  "

"IE didn’t just look at something that was cool (which it was), they wanted something that would make a difference and engage people in the issue of road safety."

Jeremy Forsberg - Spokesman - Road Respect

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